Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

From simple to enterprise, we provide all level software development to organizations across all sectors. Our unique; case by case software development methodology allows us to provide clients with the best services that serves their needs. At mobility eye we enable organizations to analyze big data and help them achieve their strategic decisions.

Mobile App Generator

Mobile App Generator

datahub is a mobile app, survey and forms generator that allows any user to create, publish and manage their own Android apps, HTML5 and web forms. The platform supports all media types, and allows users to share the forms on all social media types, with automatic importing of excel sheets to be used as datasets. datahub allows user to preview apps while in creation stage.


The world is going mobile. Why shouldn’t you?

Ranging from personal, business and even medical use, apps can do anything in iPhone, Android and Windows devices. Engage your customers with smart phone apps they can use anytime, and anywhere.

We create mobile app experience that taps into your audience and grows your business online. This directly connects your business with your customers, allowing them to access your services anywhere at any time. Through creative design and development, we build a mobile app with a captivating yet intuitive navigation.

People are using devices sequentially, and the time users spend on their smartphones is all part of the buying process. Our expertise using leading mobile web frameworks and our knowledge of iOS and Android platforms enable us to tiptoe the customers along the path to purchase, whether they buy by mobile or later when they’re sitting on the couch at home.

It’s Your Idea, Backed by Our Team:

  • Expertise in Multiple Mobile Platforms
  • Multi-Platform & Adaptive Screen Size Design
  • Strategic User Experience Considerations
  • Eliminate In-App Bugs
  • Continued Maintenance and Support

We strive to create lasting impressions by establishing a genuine relationship to aid in helping solve our clients both visually and interactively



Captivating and appealing designs – make your website user friendly.


Wide range of design and development services provided with a personal experience.

Your company is unique, shouldn't your website? Get your custom website design project started today.

We shape your dreams into a smart design that make miracle of success to your business. We have hand crafted websites that transform brands by considering clients unique requirements and personal taste. We endeavor not only to understand your business, but also to understand your competitors and customers to determine the most appropriate and efficient solution to make your organization more visible and marketable to your existing and potential customers.

This is where we play our role very well as we design unique, adaptive, and effective websites that engage customers and convert leads.


You only get one chance to impress when a visitor is routed to your website via Internet Search. The impact of having a quality compact website are many.

The end result is a user-focused, high-engagement, and extensively-tested site that generates business while beautifully representing your company. Our web design technologies are both proven and practical.

We don’t sell code we provide solutions