About Mr Pick It
Fun while learning

Technology-based learning

In order to enhance the learning process for the children of today's digital world. We moved beyond pen and paper and passive learning, also instead complement the teachers' work in the classroom by working hand-in-hand with the curriculum to organize workflow in the classroom and follow through on effective learning. Our aim is singular but our channels are many. We work with the teacher and the school as well as with the parent and the child to achieve our target. We aim for interactive, fun and efficient learning that helps in building the pillars for all future education. We cater to the child by understanding the child's need for entertainment, and to the school and teacher (as well as the child's future!) by principally promoting learning. Through technology-based learning that is engaging, interactive and more holistic, the child will accrue more information in less time, leading to efficient time utilization, and better performance at school.

It Makes More Sense:

Through this technology-based learning, the child is able to use more of his/her senses at the same time. With Mr. Pick It, the child sees, hears and touches at the same moment. In the classroom, the child can only do two out of these three simultaneously. He or she sees the board, hears the teacher and then looks away to write something. With Mr. Pick It, the child is able to hear, see and touch the screen to write, all at once. This more holistic engagement is proven by successful educational programs to be essential for more effective learning. What also makes sense is that we help parents keep track of their child's performance, as lessons are simplified and the parents can follow through without the need to refer to other sources to refresh their memories.

Pick Learn Play
The new learning experiance

Integrated listening, Touching, Speaking and Seeing Solution

  • Pick Learn Play; PLP is a seamless educational solution that enables
  • Reading by analyzing letters Emphasis on listening
  • Speaking: Option to record own words
  • Writing by tracing and reactions to games; develop fine motor skills

Pick Learn Play audience

  • Arab Students who wish to improve in Arabic and / or English
  • Students learning English and / or Arabic from KG1- Grade4
  • Teachers who want to add fun to the lesson
  • Teachers who work with students at different levels within the classroom
  • Teachers working with students with special needs
  • People who are interested in learning either one or both languages
  • Anyone who wants to explore technology-based learning
  • Students with learning difficulties or special needs

Pick Learn Play audience tackles your challenges

  • It is interactive, fun and personalized
  • PLP transforms the time spent on electronics into a fun educational experience.
  • We use fun in practicing and assessing.
  • It Supports concepts taught at school.
  • PLP reinforce concepts by repetition in practice and consistent in delivery.
  • Accessible - works offline and online
  • Affordable for individuals and/or educational institutions.