SOTI and Samsung
SOTI MobiControl & Samsung KNOX Collaboration

What is Samsung KNOX Technology?

Increasingly, employees are using their personal mobile devices for work related purposes, such as accessing corporate email or Wi-Fi. Corporations want to support the requests of their employees, while being mindful of the risks of enabling personal devices to house enterprise data. Samsung KNOX is an innovative technology that solves the challenge of managing both the personal and corporate data on an employee’s mobile device while ensuring corporate data security without and not compromising the user experience. KNOX technology enables employees to access corporate data while protecting both the corporation and the employee through an approach that segments personal from corporate information at the operating system (OS) level.

Main Features

Container Wipe

Through MobiControl, the corporate container can be removed remotely, protecting corporate data while retaining personal content in the event an employee leaves the firm, and no longer needs the enterprise container.

Container Level VPN

Encrypting corporate data traffic with a VPN tunnel keeps corporate data safe and secure as it travels across Wi-Fi or cellular networks. With KNOX’s container level VPN, device level VPN policies can be enabled and assigned to any or all applications within the container.

AntiVirus and Malware Protection

Protect your mobile device by detecting and removing virus and malware threats using award-winning threat detection technology powered by Webroot.


MobiControl can locate, track and gather information on the movement of your mobile devices wherever they may be. Establish a virtual fence to keep devices in a specific area or to trigger a warning or action if they enter or exit the fence.

Web Filtering

Advanced web-filtering technology allows you to enforce the responsible use of mobile devices - whether it’s in the classroom, the boardroom, or anywhere in between. Restrict URLs to a managed categories list, automate redirection from inappropriate sites to a customized URL, and configure whitelist of acceptable URLs.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication

KNOX’s Single Sign On identity services enables a one-time action of user authentication and authorization to permit access to multiple services and apps within the container, while also reducing exposure risk of security credentials during logins.