Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics delivers powerful customer insight

Social media analytics is a powerful tool for uncovering customer sentiment dispersed across countless online sources. As businesses feel the pressure to gain new insights from social media, they require the analytics expertise to transform this flood of information into actionable strategies.

IBM solutions for social media analytics help organizations take control of this data so they can improve customer satisfaction, identify patterns and trends, and make smarter decisions regarding marketing campaigns.

SMA Software as a Service SaaS

IBM® Social Media Analytics Software as a Service (SaaS) helps organizations understand and act upon the social media impact of their products, services, markets, campaigns, employees and partners - without the administrative overhead and expense of on-site software. It analyzes billions of social media comments and provides customized results in configurable charts and dashboards. This service is available as a web-based monthly subscription service priced simply on your storage requirements, with no limit to the number of users.

Social media analytics solutions from IBM can help your business:

Capture consumer data from social media to understand attitudes, opinions, trends and manage online reputation. Predict customer behavior and improve customer satisfaction by recommending next best actions. Create customized campaigns and promotions that resonate with social media participants. Identify the primary influencers within specific social network channels.